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Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Discontentment is a choice. And I have the privilege to choose something else.

Hello, world. This is Chloe Hoffmann, founder of Morna Mae Floral & Design in Nashville, Tenn. I have a degree in Public Relations from Harding University and a Masters of Conflict Management from Lipscomb University. However, the underemployment of even highly educated millennials has not been unfelt by this grad. Despite dreams of designing beautiful things, writing a book and having an office with a view, I found myself squeezed in to receptionist roles in offices vestibules, answering phones, retrieving mail, ordering k-cups, even walking an employer's dog, feeling the steady "drip, drip, drip" as my creative juices, my confidence and my general zeal drained away.

I filled out, but never submitted, applications to be a lifeguard at the Y, to be a barista at a Starbucks, to be a virtual assistant for a construction company. I applied to be an event coordinator, a photo retoucher, and then a resume-preparer. Each opportunity fizzled or politely clicked the door in my face. There I was, getting a rejection phone call for another job, and suddenly it became glaringly obvious that God had given me an avenue between crumbled opportunities. The jobs I had researched or interviewed for didn't work out, and I was not willing to put myself or my husband through another job that left me feeling empty, exhausted and uninspired, with nothing left at the end of my commute. This left me with only one option - go for what you have always wanted to do.

Just Do Something

“Put aside the passivity and the quest for complete fulfillment and the perfectionism and the preoccupation with the future, and for God's sake start making some decisions in your life. Don't wait for the liver-shiver. If you are seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, you will be in God's will, so just go out and do something.” - Kevin DeYoung, "Just Do Something"

Do not mistake me. I am aware that my life could be plagued with loss, disease, poverty, exploitation, abuse, or any number of true devastations. I am aware of the privilege I have to hold two degrees from private institutions, to have the option to choose, instead of my job being the only resource between me and my bare necessities. I pray for ways to use my privilege to empower those who don't share it. I am blessed beyond measure to be able to say "no more" to the jobs that I feel have broken bits of me, but I hope that, if necessary, I would have the grit and God-given peace to endure a situation for which there was no end in sight.

I'm confident that I will not be a fantastic business owner overnight. But I am confident that flowers will still be forgivingly beautiful, and, in the words of Ron Swanson, "It's art. Anything is anything."

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to making beautiful things and finally pursuing the endeavors I have always dreamed of, with the faith that God will provide.

  • *(Are Recent College Graduates Finding Good Jobs?. (2014). Current Issues in Economics & Finance, 20(1), 1-8.)

Homemade beauty in Nashville, TN. Wedding florals, stationery, and signage.

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