• Chloé Hoffmann


Updated: Feb 5, 2019

My absolute favorite flower is the Dahlia. The decorative variety specifically. Here's a great guide to dahlias if you're interested in including them in your arrangements. To me, they are the perfect representation of wild, raw, natural beauty, with a tease of symmetry. So when my wholesaler stocked a batch of Karma Choc Dahlias, I grabbed a bunch (and bunches of complementary stems) and went to work.

I created two hand-tied bouquets, one I wish I could go back in time to carry as a bride, and one in a bridesmaid size and style.


Karma Choc Dahlias

Common Rose

Seeded Eucalyptus

Baby Blue Eucalyptus

Homemade beauty in Nashville, TN. Wedding florals, stationery, and signage.

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