I've got a creative, sometimes discontent spirit, which drove me to work for myself doing the things that I love, inspired by my family and my faith.

My desired aesthetic is romantic, free and restless. I am a fan of wild beauty, cozy colors and letting your wedding details complement your love story, not overshadow it.

Morna Mae Floral & Design is a passion project helping couples craft their perfect day. I would be honored to help you make your vision come together! Whether with florals, custom stationery, calligraphy or made-by-hand wooden signage, I am thrilled to help you make your vision a reality.


My great grandmother, my "Granny," was Morna Wilcoxon Voss. She was a master of southern comfort food. (We're talking bacon grease in EVERYTHING!) She was also the keeper of an ornate garden and a talented seamstress.

My other great grandmother, whom I never met, was Josie Mae Crowe Wilkie, for whom my precious niece is named. Josie was mother to 11 children, and worked magic in the kitchen to make a little bit go a long way. Although the Wilkie family didn't have a enough plates for everyone (the last one to the table had to eat off the Crisco lid!) the meals were hearty and full of love. 


Josie Mae

Homemade beauty in Nashville, TN. Wedding florals, stationery, and signage.

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